U okviru ESF projekta “Mreže za profesionalno usavršavanje mladih znanstvenika u interdisciplinarnim istraživanjima inovativnih površina i materijala (MIPoMat)” održat će se dva predavanja gostujućih predavača na temu superrezolucije u petak, 12. veljače 2016. u dvorani III krila.

Prof. Theo Lasser: Seeing is believing (Voir est saVoir)

This talk is an invitation for a promenade into tissue structure and function and cell and subcellular organelles (see image aside). Relying on coherent imaging techniques we will try to see “diabetes”, to look into the brain for Alzheimer disease and we will finish our walk with novel insights on the cellular level based on SOFI, providing 3D and even 4D superresolved images of living cells.

We will try to present the underlying optical concepts, and conclude with an outlook for imaging with applications in medicine and lifesciences.

Prof. dr. Aleksandra Rađenović: Single Molecule Localization Microscopy from Pretty Images to Powerful Quantitative Tool

Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM) and Atomic force microscopy (AFM) have the potential to resolve nanoscale structures on living cells. To obtain structural information from AFM together with functional information from SMLM we constructed a combined AFM/SMLM microscope for correlated imaging of living cells. We believe that bridging the gap between AFM and SMLM and visualizing structural dynamics with nanoscale resolution directly correlated with the single molecule resolved localization of biomolecules has the potential to enhance our understanding of biomolecules at work.