Program sastanka

The RBC is a series of biennial symposia intended to bring together biophysics researchers from Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia and Slovakia (a new member from 2010), and also includes internationally renowned guest speakers. The first RBC meeting took place in March 2005 in Terme Zrece (Slovenia), the second one was held in August 2007 in Balatonfüred (Hungary), and the third one in February 2009 in Linz (Austria). The principal aims of the conference are: 1) to strengthen the collaborative ties between biophysics groups in the region, 2) to present the cutting-edge achievements from a broad range of biophysics disciplines to students and 3) to promote the field of biophysics. Following previous conferences, RBC 2010 will feature a combination of top level senior researchers and aspiring young scientists (postdoctoral fellows and graduate students) from the above countries at the ratio of approximately 40%-60% for a total of 100 participants. The conference language is English.