14th Greta Pifat-Mrzljak International School of Biophysics: Grant applications deadline is approaching!

2021-05-03T16:54:20+02:00May 10th, 2018|

Student grants by EBSA and COST are available! The School features 4 hands-on training courses along the introductory and advanced lectures by our distinguished Lecturers: COST CM1306 Molecular Machines and NanoTemper: MST and nanoDSF Workshop on biomolecular interaction analytics COST BM1403 Native Mass Spectrometry: identify pathogen and malignant cell strains [...]

Ph.D grant from A*MIDEX in Marseille

2021-09-29T17:05:49+02:00June 20th, 2015|

We are currently looking for excellent and highly motivated Ph.D candidates for a three-year French scholarship at Aix Marseille Université. Candidates should have a strong expertise in Physical Chemistry and/or Coordination chemistry. Candidates with additional expertise in protein chemistry and biochemistry are highly encouraged. Deadline for starting: fall 2015. [...]

EMBO Workshop on the Physical Biology of Cancer

2021-09-29T17:14:37+02:00March 4th, 2013|

March 07 - 13, 2013 Candiolo-Torino, Italy Short description EMBO Workshop on the Physical Biology of Cancer: will take place in Candiolo-Torino on March 7-13, 2013. The Workshop aims at bringing together physicists and biologists interested in studying the role of the physico-chemical forces [...]

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